Episode 12

Published on:

18th Sep 2020

A Living Presence

The experience of the reality of God is the activating principle that underlies all faiths. It is the inner foundation upon which the outer edifice of the world’s religions has been built. The prayers and rituals of the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe, that begin on Rosh Hashanah and reach their culmination on Yom Kippur - are structured to break us out of our mundane physical consciousness and lift us into the expansive awareness of the living presence of the Divine.

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Daat Elyon
Spiritual insights and inspiration from the Kabbalah and other mystical traditions
Join me, Rav Yoel Glick, as we explore crucial themes of the spiritual life. Together we will attempt to find answers to the great questions of existence using the Jewish mystical teachings of the Kabbalah and Hasidism, as well as insights and inspiration gleaned from the other great Western and Eastern traditions. The emphasis in these podcasts will be on wisdom that comes from inner experience and intense practice, rather than abstract intellectual concepts and philosophy. My podcast goal is to stimulate your mind, expand your consciousness, and open up new worlds of thought and experience for both you and me.

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Yoel Glick

Rabbi Yoel Glick, the director of Daat Elyon, is a teacher of Jewish mysticism, one of the pioneers of modern Jewish meditation, and a spiritual mentor who has been guiding seekers on the path for over thirty years. Rabbi Yoel teaches in synagogues, ashrams, monasteries, seminaries and interfaith institutions to students from a multitude of backgrounds in locations across the globe.